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Thank you for using Veritools design products. Veritools is focused on providing timely resolution to our customers' technical issues. We continually add new features to help our team meet your expectations. We know our software products are an important part of your business, and we are committed to providing a support team that excels in keeping your business running smoothly.

Please also view our Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) section and our online helps within our products.

For your convenience, support is available via, email, telephone, and fax. If you need to talk to Veritools Support Department, please call (650) 533-5595. You can also request information sending us an e-mail to Please include your name, company, e-mail, phone number. Many of our customers find that submitting support requests via email is easy, fast, and effective. Every request that is entered by a customer is immediately logged and assigned an appropriate priority by the support team. Our priority system allows us to make sure that mission-critical issues receive fast and thorough resolution.

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