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Veritools RTL source code debugging toolset, VeritoolsDesigner, offers designers support for Verilog, VHDL and SystemVerilog. Veritools provides Verilog and VHDL designers with design analysis and verification tools that significantly reduce time and costs. Thouroughly universal, VeritoolsDesigner gives Verilog, and VHDL designers the fastest and most comprehensive source-code debugging tool on the market.

"The Universal Tool"

Advanced Waveform Viewing

Source Code Browser

RTL and gate Schematics

State Diagrams

Multiple Files and Windows

Simulator Independant

Instant Load and Display

Integrated with Other Tools

VeritoolsDesigner Overview

Veritools integrated debugging toolset significantly increases the performance of your design verification tools. Working together in a tightly integrated environment, these tools can be used to quickly display and analyze your simulation results allowing you to rapidly identify problems in your source code or structural code. With Undertow Suite you get....

  • Complete Verification Suite
  • Simulator Speed Up of up to 2x
  • Shorten your Design Cycle
  • Easy Tool Integration Plug-and-Play
  • Very Fast Load and Display of ANY Size Files
  • Extremely Accurate Finite State Machine Analyzer
  • Gate and RTL Level Graphical Schematic Tool
  • Intuitive User Friendly Setup and Operation
  • Comprehensive Customer Support and Training

Veritools commonly makes significant changes for our customers. Because our customers use the tool with many different designs, they are the best source of ideas for advancements and enhancements. Some of the ideas that our customers have provided include:

  • Measures, frequency, duty cycle and jitter with respect to time
  • Additional configuration definitions, ie. color preferences
  • SystemVerilog support with Assertions
  • PSF Binary support
Undertow waveform viewer includes a powerful perl scripting tool that is based on the CAD industry standard scripting language, and also includes a powerful perl GUI building tool so users can add in their own complex windows to use with their scripts in a matter of minutes.
This means that Undertow is completely user extensible, users themselves can add into the tool almost any feature in very little time.


  • Instant Display: Undertow waveform viewer instantly display waveforms from even very large waveform files.
  • Script Analizyer for PERL: Undertow scripting is based on the CAD industry standard scripting language, PERL. Scripts can be used for both digital or analog analysis. Scripts can be run interactively or in batch mode using the Veritools data bases. Script Analzyer provides the user with powerful scripting language to allow complex measurements to take place automatically.
  • Undertow GUI Builder: Undertow waveform viewer includes a graphical window building tool so users can build almost any window in minutes. These windows can then can be used in conjunction with the operation of any script.
  • Multi-pane Support: Undertow waveform viewer supports an unlimited number of viewing panes
  • Unlimited file support: Undertow waveform viewer supports the loading of any number or any type (analog and/or digital files into any waveform viewing pane
  • Analog Analyzer: Undertow waveform viewer has a powerful analog analysis setting for displaying and analyzing the results from analog simulations. The Undertow waveform viewer's analog analyzer includes waveform overlay capability, complex operators such as sin, cosin, tan, aractan, integrate, differentiate, FFT, IFFT, digital/analog filters,etc...
  • Test Analyzer: Undertow waveform viewer allows designers to compare waveform files. Using this feature, different waveform files can be compared and the differences between the waveforms displayed. For example, a designer can compare the results of a behavioral design simulation to the results from a synthesized design, from a pre-layout simulation to a post-layout simulation or results from different simulators. Every difference in the timing is shown by highlighting the signal's background.
  • Optimizer_files: Undertow can read and display data from Optimizer files. Optimizing_tool, PLI, can speed up the operation of your Verilog simulator by over 45% over writing out waveform date using current display formats. In addition to allowing the Verilog to run faster, the files that are produced are 10 to 100 times smaller than VCD files, while the date includes the "1", "0", "x", and "z" values of the VCD format and also 16 levels of signal strength data.
  • Fast File Format: Veritools' Fast File Format allows viewing of waveforms up to 100,000 times faster than with other waveform viewers.
  • Logic Analyzer: Undertow waveform viewer's Logic Analzyer allows the user to build complex Boolean expressions. It also allows the user to find logic anomalies in their design, such as "Find All Glitches < than 3 nanoseconds," or "Find the 1st signal = Unknown after time = 100 nanoseconds". Logic Analyzer also includes complex searching such as "Find vector(abc) = 12?34*56 when clock(xyz) = 0".

VeritoolsDesigner view of a Digital design

We Support our Customers

  • Submit modification requests for enhancements and tool advancements
  • Receive one on one training
  • Update your software with minor releases throughout the year


"Undertow is by far the fastest and most accurate waveform display tool on today's market. We have literally shaved hours off our design cycle.."

— Motorola, Texas

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