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Power Tool

Veritools’ Power Tool is targeted at providing power analysis for Verilog RTL designs. Extremely important in today's marketplace, Power Analyzer calculates dynamic power of your design.


  • Power Tool uses the gate and drain capacitance plus wire capacitance in order to very accurately calculate power
  • Calculates power using standard simulation output results without slowing down the simulation in any way.
  • Generates power calculation results on each node, element, block and module or sum of modules
  • Generates power calculation results at 6 nanosecond intervals, these can be averaged over any two time points
  • Power results can be in text or displayed on the very widely used waveform viewer, Undertow/Undertow Suite
  • Allows the user to sort elements, and blocks by power consumed
  • Includes a "Design Power Analyzer", so users can re-calculate power results instantly, after making a number of design changes.

View of a design in Power Tool:

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